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tv   Q A  CSPAN  September 21, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning! it's monday. already the weekend's over. how are you, doll? i'm robin meade. here's what's going on. a legally insane killer escaped while on a field trip. he's caught now. but questions about how this could happen. the possibility of another attack on new york. a terror plot investigation heads to court today. football team scores an amazing last-second touchdown with the help from the other team, and the entire town is
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cheering. first, our top story this morning. a legally insane killer, who escaped from a field trip to the county fair, has been caught after three days on the loose. sheriffs say they found philip hall with a deadly cutting tool in his backpack. this is a man who strangled and slit the throat of a woman in 1987. it's the field trip that has law enforcement outraged. >> there was an extreme amount of anger throughout the law enforcement community that this event even took place. we have learned several things throughout this investigation. one of those, that mr. paul was not compliant in taking his medications. my question is, if someone was noncompliant in taking their medications, what made anybody believe that he would be compliant on a field trip to the spokane county fair on family day? this is a situation that, in my opinion, should not have happened. >> amen, i think a lot of people are saying. authorities say paul left the institution with a backpack full
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of clothes, food and a guitar. so, it looked like he wasn't planning on coming back. sheriffs say they weren't even told about it until two hours after his escape. head of state social services has suspended field trips for inmates while an investigation is done. this car wound up in water over its wheels west of atlanta. the red cross is helping dozens of families whose homes have been flooded. in a few minutes, bob van dillen will tell you when it's going to let up. today, three men face charges related to a possible terrorism plot. naji zazi and his father will be in a court in denver. they found bomb-making plans on his laptop. in new york, a third man will be in court. sources say they may have been planning to attack a railroad or subway station in new york. so far, they're charged with lying to the fbi.
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investigators say more charges could be on the way. richard lui, lying about what? >> agents say they found nine pages of notes on zazi's computer that explain how to make, handle and detonate bombs. they appear to be his handwriting. when investigators asked him about those notes last week, he denied ever seeing them. zazi also saying he must have unintentionally downloaded them as part of a religious book and claims he later deleted them when he realized it talked about jihad. >> are they saying what they overheard? >> some information about that, agents saying the third suspect in this case, ahmad afzali warned zazi that authorities were tracking him. he said, quote, don't get in the afghanistan garbage, iraq garbage. listen, our phone call is being monitored, end quote. afzali has been an informant for
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authorities in the past. they asked about him and his father, who he described as innocent, law-abiding people, robin. >> richard, more to come on this. appreciate it. >> yes. more people have alzheimer's disease than scientists predicted a few years. a new report says 35 million people are living with some form of dementia. the report says by 2050, 115 million will be infected especially in developing countries because more people are loivg there. the show was no match for "30 rock," won five-time emmys, including alec baldwin's win for best actor in a comedy. jon cryer from two and a half men got best supporting actor in a comedy. >> i used to think awards were just shallow tokens of momentary
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popularity, but now i realize they are the only true measure of a person's real worth as a human being. >> that's cute. 1960s era show "mad men" got three trophies, including best drama. glenn close got best actress in a drama for her performance as a ruthless trial attorney on the show "damages." pretty back on her dress, wasn't it? "the daily show with jon stewart" was honored for its writing a writing. are we going to talk about what we want to know about, which is the fashion, who looked good and who looked like crud? forcing you to have health care insurance isn't like raising your taxes, that is what president obama said about a health care proposal going before the senate this week. president obama compared to how
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everyone has to have car insurance. he says paying for the uninsured inflates your costs. republicans say the president's plan is impossible without a tax hike. cops in a small iowa town targeted out-of-state drivers to pull over and arrest. the charge? lack of small town hospitality. this is a campaign by kalona, iowa. a missouri couple got caught and were wined and dined in an all-expense paid tour. >> it was fun. you probably pulled over the right people. we didn't really have an agenda. >> everybody has been nice and friendly. the downtown area here is darling. >> they had to agree to spend about 20 hours in the town. >> darling or not, you've got somewhere to go, i'm not going to stay in iowa, for goodness sakes. >> someone back on the teleprompter said shut up!
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i can't believe that they're doing that. >> it's a nice state, but if you have to go somewhere -- >> i would hope they would let you go. oh, by the way, we'll be talking trash about the fashions. >> nice. we haven't even seen it. constant rain across alabama, georgia. here's what's going on. all kinds of flood warnings and advisories posted out there. administrationry front. winds at low levels, upper level winds out of the southwest converging around alabama, mississippi and now georgia. the heaviest rain is here. downpours in atlanta. doppler radar, one over the city, more out of cobb county and douglas county, too. out of atlanta, thunderstorms that have been constant the last 12 to 15 hours. look at the heavy cloud cover over the midtown part of the city. we'll see more rain today, one to five inches of rain is a possibility around atlanta, down to the airport. definitely going to get the delays out there.
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what about the warnings? they extend all the way back in towards alabama. birmingham, steady stream of rain pulling in toward georgia. red shaded areas, atlanta itself back in towards gwinnett. those warnings go all the way back in towards birmingham. one to five inches of rain is what you'll find the next two days. purple shaded areas, 8 to 10 inches. it's not going to let up until probably some time wednesday morning. more on that, robin, in a little bit. my basement say little bit wet. >> is it? >> little bit. not bad. >> no. >> a lot of folks have flooding going on right now. so, i'm probably getting off easy. >> you have to place carpet? >> nochlt my dog ruined it before. why replace it? >> all right. a yogurt you may be sitting down to eat this morning may not be all that it's cracked up to be. be. a moving story about the product's claims to move you.
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well, good morning. let's salute our troop, shall we? today's salute is for sergeant clay aubley. his wife sent us her thoughts and some great photosphotos, to >> i would like to salute my husband, u.s. army sergeant clay abele. he put his own school dream on hold to serve our country. i would personally like to say to him, clay, i miss you so much. i love you. be safe, and please come home. forever and ever, babe. >> kylie, thank you. and could your baby be any cuter? oh, my gosh. do you have somebody in the service? go to so we can help you salute them. iran's president is denying the holocaust and says he's proud of it.
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mahmoud ahmadinejad made the speech on friday. it's not the first time he said it. now he's telling a state-run agency that he's proud it's upsetting so many international leers. he arrives in the u.s. this week to attend meetings at the u.n. the odds are astounding. two guys that work together didn't know that they were brothers. >> people are saying we look like brothers and we would go on deliveries together for the last month and a half and we keep getting it. >> new for you in about 25 minutes, how they figured out that they're brothers. all right. do you eat certain yogurt for taste or because what the label says it will do? a yogurt you may be eating may not be all that it's cracked up to be. jennifer westhoven is here with that story. >> this is not your regular story, robin. >> we've been having a little fun with this one, this morning.
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in seriousness, danon is going to pay out up to $35 million -- robin's still cracking up over there. $35 million over claims it made on its activa and danactive yogurts. it said it would strengthen the body's defenses or regulate digestion because of bacteria they contain. in a settlement, dannon is settling this, there was a class action lawsuit. there's no guilty, admission of wrong doing. basically they're saying we'll make these little changes, here's some money. everybody walks away happy. they'll change the labels, pay out the money. the money is up to $100 a customer, if you bought this. what we don't know -- yeah. how do you get your money back? i know, you know, probably a lot of you maybe have tried it. did you keep your receipt? would a company like kroeger -- sometimes if you use your little
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card, they keep track of it. i don't know. we'll keep our eyes on that one for you. gasoline. pretty good news there lately, right? gas prices look pretty reasonable, partly a combination of weak demand. not as many people driving and high supply. there is a lot of gas out there, keeping gas prices low. that's good news in a bad economy. the average lately, $2.55 across the country, according to aaa. back to you, robin. >> good news in a bad economy. love that. >> a colorado company is on the road to riches with an unusual beverage. stephanie elam has the details in this small business success. >> we actually douce the ham in the mead. >> that's one tip that david shares with his customers. it's an alcoholic beverage fermented from honey. >> the beauty about the product is it's never one thing.
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>> david started home brewing beer in the late '80s and remembers tasting a prickly pear mead. >> i was like, oorks i've got to make me some of this stuff. >> that led him to start redstone meadery in 2007. had his grandfather founded london fog raincoats. >> it was the inspiration of my grandfather to try something of my own. >> it is online and in stores across the country. last year, sales topped more than $ .5 million. he says it has not impacted his business much. >> people drink in good times. people drink in bad times. >> okay. if you're a small business owner, we would like to see your success story, too. go to
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upload an i-report of your biz or individuvideo. this is a guy who killed a woman because he thought she was a witch. the cops are saying now that they've caught him again. plus -- ♪ >> in a concert for peace in havana has cuban-americans up in arms. now the top performer is getting death threats? paying $8 a day for lunch can add up fast.
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four tasty new soups with 28% of your daily fiber. but i like this chicken tuscany., i like it too. but it has fiber in it. that's right. fiber? yeah. but i like it. (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. investigators in florida want to talk to a man after finding his wife and their five children dead at their apartment. investigators say the man flew to haiti the day before the bodies were discovered. he has family there and is not being called a suspect right now. the kids were between 9 years old and 11 months old. hundreds of thousands of people rocked out the a peace without borders concert, as it was called, in cuba yesterday. the concert lasted 5 1/2 hours. it was put together by a
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colombian singer, juanes, trying to connect isolated cubans with the rest of the region and the united states. but there were protests in florida where cuban exiles called the concert a declaration of war. >> this is nothing more than a farce, to think a concert can change a dictatorship that for 50 years has repressed the cuban people. >> we are hoping for the best, that this concert brings a sense of good feeling to the people and discussions that take place because of this concert are catalyst for more profound, deeper discussions in the future. >> juanes said he got death threats over the concert and police are keeping watch over his and his manager's homes. texas-sized crowd turned out to christen the most expensive stadium in america. here's rafer with more on that. >> good morning, robin. this says it all. it was a great game, came down
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to the last second, totally took a backseat to this stadium. this stadium was so incredible. there it is. over 105,000 people turned out, former president george w. bush doing the coin toss. jerry jones, welcome to my house. that's great you're all here. unfortunately for the cowboys, just didn't bounce their way. into the hands of kenny phillips, giants win a thriller by their kicker. would any punts hi the scoreboard? we'll have more on that in the next half hour. did anybody get free fried green beans? ochocinco made good on his promise after catching a pass. he said he would do the lambeau leap. you don't do this. oh, no, you didn't. one of the fans made an obscene gesture, which we blurred out. he found three bengals fans.
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brett favre set a record for durability when favre and the vikings took the field against detroit, it was his 271st consecutive regular season game. he has not missed a game since 1992. that is amazing, considering how often people get hurt in this game. vikings handed detroit their 19th straight loss, by the way. speaking of old guys, 50-year-old mark martin won in style. first problems in the pits. curt busch hits david reagan, who spins out. after another spinout with smoke on the course, martin edges juan pablo montoya for his fifth win of the year. 50 years old, he leads the points standings. >> wow, he's having an awesome year. >> fantastic year, robin. >> good for him. million dollar hole in one, literally. celebrity golf tournament in utah, million bucks to anyone who hits a hole in one. it's 50 yards out. you can just see the ball at the bottom of your screen slowly
6:22 am
roll into the hole. watch the reaction from everybody. that's $1 million, folks! >> wow! >> that's a look at sports. >> storming the field! >> i love it. >> we have video you need to see. suspect, but the man had a reason to spring into action when he saw what was happening. well, the price went down, so you're all getting a check thanks. for the difference. except for you -- you didn't book with orbitz, so you're not getting a check. well, i think we've all learned a valuable lesson today. good day, gentlemen. thanks a lot. thank you. introducing hotel price assurance, where if another orbitz customer books the same hotel for less, we send you a check for the difference, automatically.
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good morning! 24 minutes past the hour. more college kids are answering the call, many lured by the promise of free tuition. rotc programs are booming at most of the nation's colleges and universities. the army needs more officers and last year handed out more than 3,000 scholarships. students are snatching them up, even with two wars going on. rotc students graduate as second lieutenants. people from the town where jaycee dugard was kidnap ped hed
6:25 am
a benefit concert for her, called building new bridges. she had been living in south lake tahoe for less than a year when she was kidnapped. space shuttle "discovery" is expected to arrive at the kennedy space center in florida. "discove "discovery's" been ferried cross country on a 747. following a two-week mission at the international space station. a man came to his wife's rescue during a bank robbery. police say the wife was nearby, talking to a teller, when a guy came up and demanded money. did you see that? the husband came from the back of the room and, boom, made an astounding tackle. >> it's kind of nice to know that somebody like that would take the time or put himself in harm's way to, at least, protect everybody's interest here, you know. >> especially his wife. >> especially his wife. >> definitely a hero for somebody to do that. today's day and age, you never
6:26 am
know what's going to happen. >> it takes a hero to do that, and it takes a lot of guts. >> wow! the wife ended up helping bank employees detain the guy until police got there. >> over the velvet rope. >> wwe moment right there. he wasn't a young man either. >> no. >> the one that did the tackling. >> no. >> good for him. >> fortitude, robin. traveling in or out of the atlanta, a bad go today. heavy rain over the city once again. atl right here. most of the rain is up to the north of the city itself, north of the airport. we'll see a steady stream of rain coming out of the southwest. live shot of downtown atlanta. there are the low clouds. we think we'll see a ground stop shortly here, probably as much as a two-hour delay later this afternoon. here's what we have for the rest of the day if you are traveling out. atlanta, a major hub. we'll see more delays than you can count. charlotte, cleveland, cincinnati, kansas city,
6:27 am
detroit. morning fog possible, chicago in towards san francisco. the fog, chicago, that's because they beat the steelers last night, they're still in a fog. how about that? a guy who practiced putting in his yard -- you know, putting, would wake up each morning to find the golf balls were missing. turns out this hairless fox was taking the balls off the green. the golfer, who set up the surveillance camera thinks the fox mistakes the balls for eggs. >> i think he's thinking they're going to hatch. and he just is giving them a little time. >> this little fox has an obsession with golf balls. >> wow! overall, the golfer says, the fox has taken about 100 golf balls. no wonder he's not gaining any weight. nothing to eat. here's a touching story. a young man with down syndrome
6:28 am
was a hero for his football team. ÷%%%%%%%%%%%%
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eyewitness. this video was recently posted on youtube. already over 200,000 people have watched it. this young man has become a bit of a celebrity in his hometown, signing autographs for people. >> i love it. >> you know what? really just gave me a lump in my throat was the way they were running together with him, all the teammates in the same uniform, kind of escorting him up there. that was nice. that was great. two men who work together discovered they were long lost brothers. they delivered furniture together and people always told them, hey, you guys look alike the one of them figured out they were both adopted by different families when they were babies. >> something clicked with me. i said i'm going to go out this door and ask him a strange question. so, i got him up by the truck and said, gary, this is going to sound bizarre, but were you adopted? he kind of stares at me and --
6:36 am
yep. i said what's your birthday? june 10, 1974. and i knew -- i'm searching for this guy. i'm like, i know that birth date. >> the brothers even grew up in the same county, went to rival high schools and now live just a few miles apart. >> what do you mean they resemble each other? they look exactly alike! wow, what an incredible story! i just want a sunny ten minutes. just ten minutes give me. >> no. >> in the southeast, you're about sick and tired of the rain. >> i didn't leave the house the entire weekend at all. the rain has been tremendous. buckets of the stuff, robin, coming down, 15 inches of the rain doppler indicated over the last three days alone in atlanta, and it's been raining really since tuesday. steady stream up out of the gulf of mexico region. the atlanta radar. we have all kinds of flash flood
6:37 am
warnings posted out here because there's been a major flow of rain over the same spot for the last couple of days. mainly, here's what's happening. stationary front draped over the city itself, off the atlantic ocean. rich moisture source right there. mid to upper levels give you a southwesterly wind. the end result, heavy, heavy rain. down to the southwest a bit farther, birmingham radar sweep. the rain continues, stretching all the way into mississippi, more rain developing around louisiana. the whole thing will train over the deep southeast the next two to three days. flash flood warnings, areas shaded in red. mostly around atlanta, back in towards birmingham, central alabama, more flash flood warnings and the reason why is all the rain we've seen and the rain we're going to see. over the next two days, here is what it looks like. that's an additional five to eight inches of rain, maybe even more than that. hopefully, that won't happen. more rain into northern michigan, ontario.
6:38 am
ohio valley getting showers, too. line of thunderstorms, you see them right now, moving in towards iowa, and missouri as well. get more showers and thunderstorms there, too. take a look at these photos near miami beach south of the main beach area. water spouts forming off the coast. david foot works for one of our sister networks and took the photos over the weekend. people are just walking by, not noticing an actual water spout hanging down. typical for miami, i guess. >> because there's so much skin showing, people are a little distracted. >> why look up when there's gals on the beach to look down at? i understand. virginia police have a suspect in the killings of a cops think he may have taken hir love of a violent kind of music too far. the interior "positively oozes class," raves "car magazine." "slick and sensuous," boasts "the washington times." "the most striking vw in recent memory," declares--
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time check, 20 minutes to the hour. a 20-year-old man who rapped about the thrill of killing is a suspect now in the deaths of a pastor and three other people. richard alden samuel macrosky iii calls himself psycho sam and records music that uses violent lyrics. the pastor and three others were found last week. top commander in afghanistan says if more troops are not sent to the area, defeating insurgents will no longer be possible, according to a report obtained by "the washington post" and the associated press. stanley mccrystal gave that
6:42 am
report to president obama this summer. if you like to watch videos and listen to songs on the internet, an announcement today from the government could be music to your ears. our money expert, jennifer westhoven is here. >> it's a long-brewing fight and get people who are into cyber space really hyped up. it's called net neutrality. if you download too much, your internet provider can slow you down and say, you're hogging up the bandwidth for everybody, slowing things down for everyone on our network. consumer groups say they don't think that's the reason. they think the reason is the internet providers just want to block out the competition. the head of the fcc is calling for a new rule that providers would not be able to make distinctions and treat all web traffic equally. it's interesting here. in some ways, you say it could slow down your experience. maybe people are downloading many, many movies.
6:43 am
in other ways, it could mean if you want to download something, you're not blocked from it. it's easier for you. could this be the week that the dow retakes the 10,000 mark? even with all the bad news about the economy, the stock market -- i wouldn't exactly say it's throwing a party, but it is definitely clawing back a lot more of the heavy losses that came right after the financial crisis, right in the september/october last year. the dow hit 9,820 on friday, its highest in almost a year. for the week, it was up 215 points. you can also see the nasdaq and s&p 500 were also higher. with that, robin, i'm going to throw it back to you. >> okay. thank you. let's see. what are you doing, say, next tuesday night, and then every night after that at the same time? an exciting addition to our prime time lineup. the joy behar show will air every night at 9:00 eastern here on "hln," kicks off tuesday, september 29th.
6:44 am
i can't wait to see what she has in store. a legally insane killer is back behind bars, but only after days on the town, starting with a trip to the county fair. first, red carpet fashions at the emmys. we will check out the big hits and a few of the misses.
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- hello! - ha! why don't you try a home cooked meal... with yummy hamburger helper? oh! tada! fantastically tasty, huh? ummm, it's good. what would you guys like? hamburger helper. what?! one pound... one pan... one tasty meal!
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new york governor david paterson will run for election to keep his job, despite a report that president obama asked him to step aside. now, according to "the new york times," the white house urged paterson to withdraw. obama administration denies it, but some aides acknowledged to our sister network that the trouble that paterson's lack of popularity could cause for democrats. it was hot in l.a. yesterday. there were a lot of up-dos and strapless dresses. model heidi klum, who is pregnant, wore this black gown. she said she wanted something simple because she's so big.
6:47 am
olivia wilder's dress had a lot of sheer panels. and actress drew barrymore wore this strapless pink princess gown. that looks pretty. i know you want to know. blush is like the big, hot color for the fall. blush and fall? that's more like spring. do you know what plush is? light pink. >> light pink. i got you. i thought it was like oranges and browns, no, for fall? >> that's what i would think normally. >> fair enough. >> hey, bob. >> doesn't feel like fall across the deep southeast. heavy rain coming in, more like a hurricane type deal. it's not. just a lot of tropical moisture piling in on top of atlanta. delay wise so far -- i haven't seen anything reported, but i think you'll see an hour or more delay around atlanta, a 30 to 60-minute delay toward charlotte, toward cleveland, cincinnati, kansas city, detroit, 30 minute to one-hour delays because of storms and
6:48 am
morning fog in san francisco and chicago. >> we're over here talking about the values and validity of blush, the color blush. >> i'll let you discuss amongst yourselves. >> yes. here is somebody who may never want breakfast again. humble bob has won the grits eating contest in louisiana. hope i'm saying the name of the town right. how much he ate, that's going to make you feel a little queaziy. he ate 19 pounds. i'm not sure this passes the cereal test. >> uh-uh. >> in ten minutes he ate 19 pounds of grits and gets a $2,200 prize. >> how long do you have to keep it in for? >> i often wondered about that, how long do you have to keep it down. i'm sorry. that probably did not meet the cereal test either. talk about making a grand entrance, former nfl player parachuted into the stadium on the day he was honored by his
6:49 am
team. here is rafer weigel. >> you are the only one we know that has done this -- >> okay. he's coming in for a landing now. he did not pick up his feet. you're supposed to pick up your feet. >> shannon sharp. this guy will probably be in the hall of fame one day. being inducted into the broncos ring of horn. what are you saying he's not doing? >> he's supposed to pick up his feet. >> and that's a big guy right there. >> and now there's his name up in infamy. at the half, he was honored. this is a tough guy, and he just broke down and cried in front of all his fans. his team, denver, went on to beat the browns. good day for him and the broncos. in other football news, two quarterbacks in the marquee match-up. brady was hassled by the jets d, knocked down. look out. tom sanchez may start dating
6:50 am
giselle. >> that's rough. >> they're married. they're married. heartbreaker to chicago. two big hits in this one. tight end olson collides and both of these guys laid on the field up and were fine. and cutler blindsided by the ref. after that, they would win on a last-second field goal. cowboys hosting the giants. mattive scoreboard, any punts hit it during the game? big question. tgifriday's, free green beans if it happened. speaking of kickers. 9 giants ethe giants' kicker, h. that's a look at sport. all right. paying your bills with automatic draft can help avoid late fees. hln money expert clark howard warns it can put an unexpected dent in your wallet.
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every purchase that you make, you're going to be earning points back. so, i mean, we find ways to help customers save money. that's my bank of america card. that's the one i want to use.
6:54 am
>> welcome to comcast local edition. my guest this hour is dr. faye williams, national chair of the national congress of black women. thank you so much for joining me. >> it's always great to be here. >> now, for those that may not know, what's the mission of the national congress of black women? >> well, we are an organization that works with the community, mainly with young people. we have a program for 9-12 years old where we teach them about the wonderful vocations there are in life. we bring in ambassadors, athletes, and we want them to
6:55 am
know that they can be more than a singer, dancer, or football player. we have another program for which comcast is our media partner on young ambassadors. we try to teach young adults to navigate life. we teach conflict resolution, about vocations, and about going to school, the importance of time management, discipline, that kind of thing. >> thou, you have an anniversary awards luncheon coming up. you recognize numerous women for their wonderful accomplishments. when is the luncheon? >> sunday, september 27th. people remember it by the sunday morning following the congressional black caucus. it's at 11:00 this year, which is a change of time. >> where is it located? >> this year at the united states naval yard, sixth and m street southeast. we're looking forward to having
6:56 am
a wonderful time. there's a beautiful view of the water there. >> and in celebrating your 25th anniversary, congratulations, by the way. >> thank youia who are some of our honorees? there's an extensive list. >> we always honor first our founding chairs and fathers. we want to salute them first. janet lange heart corn, we have several other women, we always honor the newly elected blank congresswomen. that will be marsha fudge this year. we have a judge from michigan, judge denise langhart mars, and
6:57 am
i'm sure we have a couple of more, a general manager of a car dealer, ms. craft from the area, and of course, our wonderful chair, president of the northern verge urban league laverne chapman. regina kelly, the subject of the movie american violet. >> you have an extensive list of women that touch us in so many areas of our lives. >> we have a good mother award. this year it's being received by peter harvey. we are honoring him, because as an attorney general, he worked very hard on domestic violence. that's one of our projects. we honored him. last year we were honored that have kami brown. >> thank you for honoring him.
6:58 am
>> we are probably the only organization in town that has a $75 fundraising ticket. that's the general admission. there are corporate tickets, member tickets, and general membership tickets, general public tickets. they are selling pretty fast this year. when they hear about the honorees, people want to bring their young children, especially young women to meet these people. they can meet the young lady that flew across the country. >> thank you for joining me. >> we hope to see you there this year. >> my pleasure, definitely. my guest has been dr. faye williams national chair of the national congress of black women. if you're interested in what comcast is doing in your area, go to on demand and click local.
6:59 am
for comcast local edition, i'm donna richardson.


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